Saturday, 21 August 2010

Poodle Jumper Press Release is proud to announce the launch of its first 2D game, Poodle Jumper (

Having concentrated thus far on more complex 3D games such as Tractor Beams and DarkFlow, Poodle Jumper is a significant departure, and indicates where Nugames are planning to go in the months ahead.

"Our stated aim is to release a new game every month," promised Nugames lead developer, Giles Chanot, "and diversifying into 2D games is an important part of this strategy. We will continue to develop 3D games but as these take longer to complete, we are going to bring out a range of simpler games in the short term. We are also moving to a 100% iAd supported model going forward, and Poodle Jumper is our first game to be free and iAd supported from day one."

As well as iAd support, Poodle jumper also features Facebook integration to allow users to post score updates straight from the app to their Facebook wall. In the coming months this will be joined by Game Center integration, which will provide a Poodle Jumper leaderboard within the new Apple social gaming property.

"It's a shame Game Center support has been pulled from the older iPhone 3G device generation," notes Chanot, "but nevertheless we are pushing ahead with our implementation as we anticipate Game Center to be launched by Apple as part of it's iOS 4.1 release in the autumn."

Poodle jumper should be familiar to gamers who have played the wildly popular Doodle Jump (apparently Nugames were originally going to launch their game under the name Poodle Jump but this had already been reserved for an as yet unknown app), the key difference of course being the price.

Chanot again: "we love Doodle Jump, but we're not too keen on the price point. For such a simple yet popular game, we felt the iPhone/iPod Touch community deserved a free alternative, so today that is what we are announcing!"


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