Thursday, 9 September 2010

Poodle Jumper 1.1 with Game Center

Poodle Jumper 1.1 is now out and supports Game Center!
Come on Poodle Jumper champions, let's see who can make it to number 1!


  1. Love this game. Have recommended it all my friends, one of whom is currently number 1 in the world. Just.. one.. more.. go.. to beat him.

    What I really like about this game is when I die It always feels like my fault. Not that the game screwed me over. When i've played other similar jump titles I always felt like the game was to random and that's why i died.

    One note though, after getting 145,000 (my highest so far) it went back to the high score screen and froze. Luckily, my high-score registered on game center (yay) but when I loaded the app back up the same high score isn't listed in the game rankings - unless I hit the leader board button and then it loads game center - if you see what I mean?

  2. Hey thanks! So glad you're enjoying the game.

    We're really pleased with the way Game Center is going for us so far - we're looking forward to introducing some more Game Center enabled games over the coming weeks and months.

    Sorry about the crash - we're looking into it. Keep your eyes open for an update.

  3. Heey guys, so i Wanna say to i Love this Game so :D its a very cool Game and my Record is Now about 250.000 hundert thousend ^^

    Hmm i will send this Game to all my Friends :b

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