Friday, 13 March 2015

The Radio / Pro Radio Update

Anyone who has been using The Radio or Pro Radio to listen to BBC streams will know that as the result of changes the BBC made at the start of February, these streams have been down for a while.

An update has been prepared that fixes these issues, however, Apple have not yet approved the changes.

This is a very frustrating experience and we can only apologise for this delay.

Hopefully the fixes will become live in the next few days.


  1. Thanks, Radio Cloud is easily the simplest and most intuitive radio centred site I have come across.

    Once the update is posted I will update to the paid version, if I haven't already done so.

    James McLaren

  2. Really a nice Post...
    Thank you for sharing..

  3. Hi Giles, I recently bought the trio bundle radio app and left a review under the name of Sircornflakes on App Store.

    Question for you, is it possible to submit stations for you to update the app with? I live in Montreal and some of the local news/sports stations are not on the app. Also, there's some Aus & Nz stations I'd like to see there if possible.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Thought I would just go ahead and list some of the stations that I hope you can add to the app

    CJAD 800 Montreal(News/talk)
    TSN690 Montreal(Sports)
    CBC Radio 1 Montreal(News)
    AM640(CFMJ) (News/Talk)

    WBUR (News)
    WNYC (News)
    KKSF (News/Talk)

    2UE (News/Talk)

    Newstalk ZB(News/Talk)

    Hope you can add these stations.


  5. Issues with more of the UK stations. Cannot get Capital any more, nor some of the others. Great App, look forward to an update to remedy the current streaming issues.

  6. I have just downloaded the Pro Radio app on my iPad. On the Sleep & Alarm settings page only the hours part of the alarm setting have a grey background. The minutes and AM/PM settings are against a black background and are therefore not visible. The minutes and AM/PM settings are there as you can her them click as they change when you run your figure over where they are, it's just that you cannot see them to know what they are set at. Can you help? Other than this this is the best app I found with an alarm/sleep radio setting.

  7. Is there any update with regard to BBC stations yet please? I am wanting to us radio leeds but can't get it at the moment. Thank you.

  8. Hi there I can't listen bbc Asia and that's the only reason I purchased this app. I want refund thanks

  9. Hello, just upgraded to Pro and Planet Rock doesn't work. Please can you help as it's the only station I listen to.

    Gonna re-download and use the free version until this is fixed.

    Hope you can help. :D

  10. Please add as a station. if you need any more info

  11. Hi Giles!

    Got and love the Radio Pro app but is there any chance of adding a snooze facility? I've always given myself a 8/10 minute snooze and miss it!!!



  12. Hi, been using pro radio for a couple of months and it's great. Is there any chance of adding a re-occurring alarm function as it currently has to set each night. Thanks

  13. Hello Giles, I've just upgraded to Radio Cloud from your lite version of same. The main reason being that I could no longer receive the BBC stations. Now I find that the upgrade (which I paid for) is no different in any way - I still cannot receive the BBC stations, not to mention a wide range of others. Is there a way I can rectify this immediately? If not, I would appreciate a refund immediately as I've paid for a product which does not deliver.
    Thanks, Desmond

    1. Hi Desmond,

      I’m sorry you were disappointed with Radio Cloud. I have submitted a fix to the App Store, which unfortunately Apple blocked (probably something to do with their own radio offering). I will try again soon, and hopefully it will be more successful.

      I am unable to process refunds, but Apple should be able to.


  14. Hello. Ive just upgraded to Pro as the AirPlay button didn't seem to exist & still doesn't! How can I send the radio to my Bose wifi plz & can I even do that? I assumed that's what AirPlay is for but cannot find the onscreen button showing on my screen! Ant help appreciated.

  15. What a load of crap! It doesn't spin right, you have to fiddle with it and waste time... I'm deleting

  16. I usually listen to BBC streams from my iPhone, but now had sold my old 5S here and haven't bought a new one yet.

  17. Hi, pro radio is great, many thanks. Just wondered if the sleep / alarm feature could be promoted to the main page. A bit annoying to have to click through each time to get to it...

  18. How do we get radio xfm or is it just me ?

  19. Hi,
    Any updates on the BBC streams?

  20. Why is the Free version been updated (More background pics, newer layout) but the paid version is still out of date. Please update

  21. I feel I've been conned.
    I can't receive Radio 4 and the screen freezes when I try to record.
    Please refund my money.

  22. I find the alarm function quite flakey at the moment, often is doesnt turn on - is there anyway to fix this?

  23. I'm looking for support for (Radio Cloud) and the apple store redirected me here.

    I found a station that I really love but have no idea of the name or the country it's out of. It has an icon of a coyote with sunglasses singing into a microphone. Well at any rate I'd like to find out the name of the songs it streams and the name of the radio station or its call signs. Also it would be nice to have a share feature so I can share what i'm listing to on Facebook. This would also help advertise and have help from other people on who the artist is.

  24. Is there a cloud Radio app for iPhone?

  25. amazing app


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