Friday, 2 July 2010


I'm working on a new game! It's called PoodleJump and it's very cool. It's cool for lots of reasons.

It's obviously inspired by a well known iPhone game, but this one will be free, and supported by iAds.

It also incorporates Facebook integration, which allows you to submit your score to your Facebook wall. Should be good for some viral marketing.

Perhaps the best thing about PoodleJump is that it's taken me less than a week to write. How come? It uses shared code from the open source game, TweeJump, which is itself using the cocos2d for iPhone library.

This is quite a departure for nugames (and for me). It's our first 2D game and I'm really enjoying the short development cycle - expect to see lots more 2D games coming your way over the coming months. At least one a month is my target.

In my experience, Facebook posts seem to generate quite a lot of buzz so it'll be interesting to see what effect this has on my app marketing. I think the combination of rapid fire 2D development, plus Facebook viral marketing and iAd support in free apps could be a real winner. For the first time I'm also directly linking to previous games right from the app, plus this blog. Should boost my readership over the coming months.

I hope to submit this one to the app store in the next few days.


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