Sunday, 20 June 2010

Welcome to the iPhone Game Blog

Hey, thanks for visiting my new blog!

Like the name suggests, this is going to be all about iPhone games (and maybe some non-game apps too).

I'm going to share some of my experiences of writing and marketing my own apps, as well as providing a forum for people to tell me about games they are writing.

I want this to be a 2 way thing, so I'm really open to comments.

Firstly, a little bit about me (don't worry, I'm not going to turn this into some sort of weird psychotherapy for stressed out iPhone developers. At least, I'm not planning to). I've been working as a computer programmer for nearly 15 years. I'm been working mainly in C++, Java and Javascript, and now, of course, Objective-C.

I have a real job for a large multinational software firm which has nothing to do with iPhone games, so this is a purely spare time thing. One day, who knows, perhaps I can make enough money to quit the day job. You'll be the first to know...

Next post: iPhone 4 and iOS4.


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  2. I have no clue if this is where I Go to ask for help.... I have been using mr. Word on an iPod touch for a long time. I have been try to load on another iPod touch and now your app is for newer iPod only!!???? Why does this keep happening? Are the iPod touch be pushed to extinct? Please help.


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